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What’s a Mishvo?

It’s me! Hey there! My name is Michelle but you can call me Mishvo. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I’m a freelance writer by day and world explorer by, well, other days. Here I share travel inspiration, stories, tips & guides, and some philosophical musings.

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Hiking bamboo forest East Palisades Atlanta

5 Easy Hikes in the Atlanta Area

Hiking is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the greenery (and awesome weather) in Atlanta. But I got nothin’ on my parents, who are true hiking experts. They belong to … Read more

Snowshoeing in Ottawa at Christmas

Christmas in Canada

I had two new firsts this holiday season: 1) It was my first time in Canada and 2) it was my first time really celebrating Christmas. I’ve decided I like both Canada … Read more

whale shark in the Georgia Aquarium

A Year in Review: 2016

I’ve never done a year-end review before, but they are actually quite popular in the blogging world so I figured I would give it a try. The end of the … Read more

Pho Dai Loi's pho tai chin soup on Buford Highway

7 Unbelievably Delicious Buford Highway Restaurants

Visitors and new Atlantans alike may be surprised to find that Atlanta has some of the best exotic eating around. Buford Highway is known as the center of international food culture … Read more

Best streetfood in Thailand: penang chicken

The Best Streetfood in Bangkok

Somewhere in the Bangkok suburb of Nonthaburi, past the gorilla statue and the bright turquoise terraced house, an old man cooks Thai food. I heard rumors around school – whispers … Read more

How to get unstuck in life

How to Get Unstuck: A Case Study of the Past Few Months of My Life

Four months ago, I decided I wasn’t going to try to plan my next move after leaving Baltimore. I wrote in my Goodbye Baltimore post, “I decided that I’m not … Read more

What to pack for winter travel

Winter Travel Packing Tips

I am constantly cold, unless I’m hot. Seriously: if it’s not between 74 and 80 degrees F, I’m either breaking out in goosebumps or dripping sweat, no exaggeration. The sweating … Read more


Talkspace Review: My Experience Using Text Therapy

Talkspace Review + $50 off your first month (NOT SPONSORED) Whether you’re going through an acute crisis or working to manage your mental health in a long term way, therapy … Read more