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Guys, Extend Your Stay after Birthright!!

Standing on Camel Hill in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

The Taglit-Birthright trip is great. It’s a taste of what Israel has to offer. But that’s the thing – it’s just a taste. Your ten days are spent flying around the country on a bus full of sexually charged 20-somethings, waking up at sunrise and almost never sleeping or sleeping well, and running from one …

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What I’ve Learned from my “Staycation”

Drinking from a yellow pina colada flavored snowcone in Lexington Market

I haven’t had a staycation in the traditional sense, where you clear your schedule, plan a spa day at home, or book a weekend in a fancy hotel nearby. But ever since creating Baltimore Fun Hacks in February with G, I’ve felt a little bit like a tourist in my own city every weekend. It’s …

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So You Want to Travel Abroad Long-term

Traveling with friends during working holiday visa

So you want to go abroad, but you aren’t sure how. In the past, I’ve had people come to me asking what their options are in terms of traveling abroad in a long-term way. I myself was one of those people a few years ago and my research on ways American citizens can go abroad …

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How to Start a Blog

I noticed my recent blogging frenzy has been somewhat contagious – I’ve watched as a few friends have successfully branded themselves and started their own blogs in the past few weeks and it makes me super happy! If you’ve always wanted to start a blog but weren’t sure how, this post is for you. Stop stressing …

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Collab Post: The Best Beach I’ve Been To!

I’m pretty obsessed with beaches so I asked 6 bloggers what their favorite beach they’ve been to was and here’s what they said. Warning: if you’re stuck in north hemisphere winter at the moment like I am, you might find yourself drooling onto your keyboard. Spiaggia della Pelosa, Sardinia, Italy from Lotte @ Phenomenal Globe Travel …

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Jordan’s Top 5 Favorite Places

If you think I’m well-traveled you should talk to my friend, Jordan. He’s been to 24 countries at last count (what’s the update, Jordan?) and has lived in about half of them! Jordan and I first met when I was studying in Sydney as an exchange student in 2010. Since then, we’ve seen each other on …

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