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I’m re-blogging this post for the final paragraph: the part about not looking for anything in particular but exploring all of the possibilities for happiness. There isn’t just one answer. There isn’t just one way to live your life. You don’t have to do what you think you have to do (graduate, have a career, retire, die) and, furthermore, what you think you have to do won’t necessarily make you happy.

Why doesn’t anyone question the system? Why does everyone think the system we’ve created for ourselves – a society that runs on business and money instead of on community and human connection – is functional?? It totally isn’t! Look at all the miserable people working their lives away, preparing to die. They aren’t making a living, they’re making a dying.

Like Ms. Cheung, “I need more; I need to be constantly living.”


  1. Eileen Popp Syracuse NY says:

    i just love reading your posts- do you know nick laport? he is my nephew- you truly
    have a way with words-i look forward to reading your diary-a nurse in syracuse ny.

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