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A Look Back at My Favorite Posts

Two more weeks, yall – then I move out of my Bangkok apartment and make the final transition from “teacher” to “backpacker.” I’ve been shopping around a bit just to be sure I fit in with my sunburned compatriots of the Khao San Road variety. Been stocking up on elephant pants, singlets, bracelets, and headbands. Gotta look the part, know what I mean?

teaching in thailand
Going from this…
traveling in Thailand
…to this!

Naturally, I’ve also been doing a lot of reflecting on everything I’ve gone through and all of the ways in which my life has changed since graduating last May. I re-read many of my old posts and would like share some of my favoritesReflect with me, won’t you??

Suburban Summer Part 2 – I’m pretty fond of the whole Suburban Summer series I did; it makes my empty, ennui-saturated summertime life look kinda interesting.

Athens, You’re Breaking My Heart – I wrote this post just after I had packed my car to the brim with the last of my belongings; I was sitting on the couch in our otherwise-empty living room, quietly sobbing while typing out a goodbye to a life I knew I would never get back.

The Best Plan Is No Plan: My Solo Trip to the South of Thailand – I had essentially composed this post in my head over the course of my holiday in the south. By the time I sat down to write it up on the computer, the words just flowed out of me.

Annie: The One on the Road – I’ve gotten some really positive feedback on my people profiles and I totally understand why: even though they are the most challenging for me to write, they are really interesting to read. I loved going through the process of interviewing my friends and using a combination of anecdotes, quotes, and observations to try to represent them on paper.

Bonus: reader favorites as indicated by my site stats:

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