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BookBook Laptop Case Review

There is no single item I own that gets more compliments from other travelers than my laptop case. It’s a hardshell leather case that disguises my laptop as an old book.

Quality gear is pretty important when it comes to doing the digital nomad thing. If you travel and work like me, your laptop is essential to your lifestyle so its best to have a quality case for it.

SO many people ask me about my BookBook laptop case every single time I take my computer somewhere, so I figured I would finally write up a post about it and share the details on where to get my favorite travel laptop case.

This post is NOT sponsored (But hey Twelve South, @ me!). Everything I’m writing here is my own opinion and I am not being paid to write it. This post does have affiliate links, which just means if you buy something through the link I may get a very small commission at no extra cost to you. I only included links to things I’ve tried myself and absolutely love and think you’ll love too!

The laptop case that looks like a book

If you’ve been looking for a laptop case that looks like an old book (for some reason haha), um this is it! Twelve South makes the BookBook laptop case, which is a hardback, hard spine laptop case that’s made of real leather and looks like an ancient tome.

The BookBook laptop case on a table

They have a few different styles and of course different sizes to fit different laptops or even tablets. My ex-boyfriend had one of the older versions. I was in love with his case so he got me the newer version for Christmas one year.

(Yeah hot tip: this case makes an amazing holiday or birthday gift!)

Working on laptop with BookBook old leather book laptop case
Propping my laptop up with the BookBook case while working in Vientiane, Laos

This old leather book laptop case has a soft microfiber inside to protect your computer from scratches. But the outside is hard and it has a crush-resistant spine.

There are little elastic bands in the inside upper corners. This means you can keep the case on your computer while you use it if you want (see photo below to see what I mean).

The pros and cons of the BookBook laptop case:


Rigid and protective — Again, the outside is hard and they say on their site that the spine is ‘crush resistant’

Disguise — At first glance, it doesn’t look like I have anything valuable with me. This is my personal favorite thing about this laptop case, especially as a traveler. It just looks like an old book, and people genuinely think that’s what I’m carrying around until they ask me!

Stylish — I mean it looks freakin cool what else can I say

BookBook laptop case on computer while working


Cost — I mean, it’s not cheap. (Hence why I think it makes such a great gift.) But you get what you pay for (real leather, durable protective case…)

Not super lightweight — It’s not heavy by any means but if you’re traveling the world indefinitely with a 25-liter pack you might want something smaller/slimmer.

Not waterproof — The case would protect your computer from a spill if you wipe away the liquid quickly, but it’s leather so it’s not built to be waterproof.

Well, that’s it for now! I’m pretty obsessed with my BookBook laptop case and seriously get compliments on it every time I take it out.

Check out the BookBook laptop case on Amazon

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BookBook Laptop Case Review

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