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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I quickly decided not to limit my weekly photo challenge postings to photos from my current location, Bangkok, because I want to be sure I’m posting the most striking photos that speak to the weekly theme the best. That being said, I snapped this cemetery scene while walking along the cliffs between Bondi and Coogee beaches in …

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34° South to 34° North

“Devastated” doesn’t even begin to describe the way I felt about leaving Sydney. I think Jordan and Josh can attest to this fact: They drove me to the airport that fateful morning and held me as I openly wept onto their shoulders. Jordan, eyebrows crinkled in empathy, continually insisted, “don’t cry – we have so …

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Reading week plus the two weeks of exam period here at Sydney Uni are, in true Aussie-lingo fashion, referred to as “Stuvac”, short for “study vacation”. Funny to me that they would even try to associate these two words together because they connote two completely opposite mentalities. As a first-hand witness of StuVac in action, …

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Message from Richard

A few days ago I was lucky enough to receive an inbox on Facebook from Rich. I think the world deserves to see it. It goes a little something like this: “MSRP has not done anything exclusive and cool in forever. No excuses, Happy Hour tomorrow at 5:00 PM (or earlier). Things up for debate: …

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The Melbourne Sneeze and All Things Illin’

We arrived in Melbourne around 10pm Thursday night and spent the following three hours wandering the streets with our backpacks looking for a place to stay. Preya and Shrey (I’m still not sure who’s responsible for this one) made reservations at a hostel in Sydney for the weekend and by the time we got to …

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Lucky #13?

I’m done with Week 12 of my 13 weeks of classes here at Sydney Uni. After Halloween weekend (which, by the way, is only half-heartedly celebrated in this country – I’ll get to this later) “exam period” ensues. And, let’s be honest, my three weeks of exams are pretty much a joke. I have two …

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