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A Post for my Hosts and Other VIPS

People are kind and generous if you just give them the chance to be. I learned this lesson ten times over while traveling through Europe. My trip was unique in that I wasn’t doing the standard hostel/guidebook/drunken Eurotrip thing; instead, I traveled to visit people: people I had met three years ago in Sydney; people …

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5 Weeks in Europe in 500 Words or Less

So: what about Europe? I never really finished blogging about it. I’m ready to move on and start blogging about Atlanta because that’s where I am both physically and mentally, but I can’t just not write about Europe. It was an amazing five weeks. Like, the best five weeks. I’m going to stray from my …

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Dedicated to Daveo

Happy Australian Father’s Day, Daveo! Another recent milestone and honorary holiday was the first official day of Spring. Not that it was even that cold to begin with, but things are certainly warming up. Today is sunny, breezy, and 70 degrees F. Air conditioning notwithstanding, people instead swing open their doors and windows, bringing the …

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Goon and the Gaff, ‘Cause I’m a G

I may be a G, but I’m also a big dummy. That photo of 3 Creek on here is actually the house next door. So, now, I present to you, my actual home at 3 Creek Street: (to be posted at a later date.) Burthday party part 2 turned out better than expected. I sent …

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