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5 Weeks in Europe in 500 Words or Less

So: what about Europe? I never really finished blogging about it. I’m ready to move on and start blogging about Atlanta because that’s where I am both physically and mentally, but I can’t just not write about Europe. It was an amazing five weeks. Like, the best five weeks. I’m going to stray from my …

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A Very Gluttonous Holiday to You Too

My appetite is back in full-force. Europe has helped me recapture the joy of eating and it’s been so much fun! In my last couple of months in Thailand, I had grown so sick of the food that eating became a chore. I think I lost a lot of weight, subsisting on yogurt and cereal …

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Koh Chang: Beach, Booze, and the Blues

Staying at Stonefree in Koh Chang was an absolute dream and I don’t mean to imply there was any sleeping involved. The guesthouse/bar/restaurant/live music venue became our home, which we soon dubbed “grandpa’s” in reference to the six alcoholic aging rockstar Thai “grandpas” who ran the place. It was rustic and communal – softly lit, …

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Message from Richard

A few days ago I was lucky enough to receive an inbox on Facebook from Rich. I think the world deserves to see it. It goes a little something like this: “MSRP has not done anything exclusive and cool in forever. No excuses, Happy Hour tomorrow at 5:00 PM (or earlier). Things up for debate: …

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Chaos before Cairns

Thursday night we played drinking games at Shrey’s. Perhaps you will be unsurprised to learn that most drinking games and their red solo cup counterparts are decidedly American inventions. I think [Italian] Rebecca and [Aussie] Tim enjoyed their first Circle of Death experience. Everyone was quite tickled by Richard’s continuous shoe compliments – “Those are …

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