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Oops I’m in THAILAND

Visiting my home in Bangkok five years later

WOW it has been one hell of a long time coming for this one. But I have finally arrived at my “final” destination for the moment: Thailand! As I’ve said before, one of the main reasons I wanted to become a freelancer was to have location independence so I could travel/live abroad. I had a …

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Hiking the French Alps in Photos

Hiking in the alps with snow capped peaks

A big thank you to Gatien who has shared his photos from our trip with me to use on my blog. You can check out his blog here. We had been itching to go hiking the entire week we stayed with Gatien’s family just outside of a town called Beaufort in the Alps, but the weather simply …

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Of Cardboard and Eccentricities: The Festival in Avignon

End of the world graffiti

We have arrived at the Festival of the End of the World in Avignon. We’ve finally done our undoing, and unlike my predictions it wasn’t because we elected the “Screaming Cheeto”, as my mom likes to call him, into office; we’ve heated the world to an inviable temperature. The heat quietly lulls us to sleep, but …

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Our Week in Sardinia: The Good and the Bad

Eating pizza in Alghero, Sardinia

We started our vacation by spending a week in Sardinia before heading to France. As an American traveling in Europe, Sardinia is an extremely unlikely destination – people generally want to see the major cities of continental Europe – but I was hell-bent on getting in some beach time so Sardinia it was! Planning our time in Sardinia …

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A 7-day Itinerary for Sardinia

Swimming at the beaches along the Gulfo di Orosei from Cala Gonone, Sardinia

When G and I started planning our holidays in France, we were going to head to Corsica to get our beach fix. But there is almost no tourist information on Corsica, so we decided to go to Sardinia for a week instead, the Italian island just south of Corsica in the Mediterranean. Sardinia doesn’t get a ton of attention …

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My Year Abroad in Foot Selfies

Throwback post! Some people take selfies of their face; I, apparently, like to take selfies of my feet. They aren’t particularly cute feet so I don’t know what that’s all about, but the resulting collection of photos tells the story of my year abroad (2012-2013) teaching English in Thailand and traveling in Asia and Europe …

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