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Thai Food: Stuff That’s Not So Awesome

Like any cuisine, Thai food can be fresh and delicious or rancid, soggy, or otherwise inedibly gross. Thai food has a wonderful reputation around the world – and I’m not trying to spoil that! – I’m only reporting on the cold, hard truth: I’ve had some experiences with Thai food that have been not so …

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Thai Food: Stuff That’s Awesome

The prospect of writing anything about Thai food leaves me hopelessly overwhelmed. I’ve been staring at this draft for days months now (I literally started it on 18 July 2012) wondering what direction to go in – how could I write about Thai food in an organized, accessible way? I don’t have much confidence that I …

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Do I Have Mangosteen on My Face?

The fruit here in Thailand is kinda a big deal. It’s fresh and plentiful and, now, my new favorite snack. Nearly every corner has a regular fruit vendor. When I lived at the JL, I often walked down the street to see this guy… …to buy some sliced fruit. He chopped it up and tossed …

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Fried Ice Cream and Incense

During these final two days of our TEFL course, we’re going over “Thai cultural training” with our Thai recruiter, Pat. She showed us the tones and basic grammar of the Thai language and explained the significance of all the national holidays. Ironically, today was one such holiday: Khao Phansa, or the first day of Buddhist …

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Suburban Summer Part 4

This post is the fourth installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 3 can be found here. The question is: Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Because it’s delicious. We traveled inside the Perimeter (I know, I know, we’re not in suburbia anymore) to eat at Desta. The largely transliterated Amharic …

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Suburban Summer Part 3

This post is the third installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 2 can be found here. Surprise! Guess where? No, no – I’m not in Thailand just yet. This temple is actually in Atlanta. How wild is that?? This was the year of the most extreme (XTREME) multicultural Father’s …

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