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Hiking the French Alps in Photos

Hiking in the alps with snow capped peaks

A big thank you to Gatien who has shared his photos from our trip with me to use on my blog. You can check out his blog here. We had been itching to go hiking the entire week we stayed with Gatien’s family just outside of a town called Beaufort in the Alps, but the weather simply …

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My Top 5 Favorite Places

I keep a list of the places I visit and I just recently started to put them in order of my favorite to least favorite. I say “places” instead of “countries” because sometimes I’ve only been to one city in a country and I don’t feel like it’s fair to judge a whole country based …

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I F*cking Love Turkey.

Listen: Go to Turkey. Go now, even if it’s February and the beaches are too chilly to visit. Go now even if you’re traveling by yourself and you don’t know anyone there. Go even if you don’t know anything about the country beyond the fact that it’s at the meeting point of Asia and Europe …

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Best of Atlanta: Name That Pluton!

LOL, Universe! What a random place to put a massive intrusion of igneous rock! The aptly-named Stone Mountain, located just east of Atlanta, is a ridiculous but pretty incredible sight to behold. It is quite literally a giant mount of rock seemingly plopped on top of what otherwise appears to be a flat, wooded expanse …

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New Zealand is an incredible place. I had the most wonderful experience there, beginning with our stay on the North Island. We hung out in Auckland for a bit and rented a car to take us to the black-sand beaches. We drove to Rotorua to see the geothermal activity (even the hot water in our …

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Lucky #13?

I’m done with Week 12 of my 13 weeks of classes here at Sydney Uni. After Halloween weekend (which, by the way, is only half-heartedly celebrated in this country – I’ll get to this later) “exam period” ensues. And, let’s be honest, my three weeks of exams are pretty much a joke. I have two …

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