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Fried Ice Cream and Incense

During these final two days of our TEFL course, we’re going over “Thai cultural training” with our Thai recruiter, Pat. She showed us the tones and basic grammar of the Thai language and explained the significance of all the national holidays. Ironically, today was one such holiday: Khao Phansa, or the first day of Buddhist …

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Suburban Summer Part 3

This post is the third installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 2 can be found here. Surprise! Guess where? No, no – I’m not in Thailand just yet. This temple is actually in Atlanta. How wild is that?? This was the year of the most extreme (XTREME) multicultural Father’s …

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Reading week plus the two weeks of exam period here at Sydney Uni are, in true Aussie-lingo fashion, referred to as “Stuvac”, short for “study vacation”. Funny to me that they would even try to associate these two words together because they connote two completely opposite mentalities. As a first-hand witness of StuVac in action, …

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The Melbourne Sneeze and All Things Illin’

We arrived in Melbourne around 10pm Thursday night and spent the following three hours wandering the streets with our backpacks looking for a place to stay. Preya and Shrey (I’m still not sure who’s responsible for this one) made reservations at a hostel in Sydney for the weekend and by the time we got to …

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I want to try to keep this short. Spring break was glorious. Unfortunately, I found Brisbane to be incredibly boring. It had a more laid-back vibe than Sydney, but it felt more like “Generic-ville, USA” than Australia’s third largest city (the first being Sydney and second being Melbourne, of course). Brisbane was industrial and commercial, …

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Dedicated to Daveo

Happy Australian Father’s Day, Daveo! Another recent milestone and honorary holiday was the first official day of Spring. Not that it was even that cold to begin with, but things are certainly warming up. Today is sunny, breezy, and 70 degrees F. Air conditioning notwithstanding, people instead swing open their doors and windows, bringing the …

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