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More Than One Direction

WHERE HAVE I BEEN THE PAST THREE YEARS. How did I miss this? One Direction is huge, the biggest boy band in the world right now I think, and they completely flew under my radar until about three days ago. I really can’t write about them and ignore the issue of vocal talent/training. I’ve done …

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Koh Chang: Beach, Booze, and the Blues

Staying at Stonefree in Koh Chang was an absolute dream and I don’t mean to imply there was any sleeping involved. The guesthouse/bar/restaurant/live music venue became our home, which we soon dubbed “grandpa’s” in reference to the six alcoholic aging rockstar Thai “grandpas” who ran the place. It was rustic and communal – softly lit, …

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My Top 20 Female Vocalists

My top-played list on my Itunes is saturated by female vocalists. I guess this is because I can sing along with their songs (they’re in my range) and also because I feel like, as a singer myself, I can relate to them and appreciate their skill; I know just how difficult it is to sing that …

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