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Jackie: The Newbie

24 years old from Norwalk, CA Jackie and I were walking in the streets of Puno the other day when we saw a woman bump into a young child and knock him straight to the ground. The woman laughed and kept walking. Jackie then proceeded to follow the woman deep into the aisles of Plaza …

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Annie: The One on the Road

24 years old from Oakland, CA I remember one day when I was teaching a grade 5 class, my students had burning question for me. They couldn’t for the life of them figure out a way to say it in English and could only repeat the Thai word over and over. They tried drawing pictures …

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Liz: The Dreamer

23 years old from Westport, CT Her 5am arrival at the hotel on our first night indicated not a lack of planning skills but rather an easygoing demeanor and penchant for going with the flow. In fact, Liz reminds me a lot of my former roommate from Sydney, Clothilde, in that she couldn’t possibly be …

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Jasmine: The Fearless One

20 years old from Chantilly, VA (a suburb outside Washington DC) “It’s pimple cream.” Jasmine was answering my question about the white dots on her face. It was certainly an unusual fashion statement, but Jasmine could wear anything and I would probably think she looked cool. She generally dresses for utility – like the time …

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Nick: The Funny One

What kind of crazy people decide to run away to Thailand to teach without knowing what the hell they’re doing? I hope to find out with this new series of posts about some of my TEFL course classmates. 26 years old from Syracuse, New York If you asked Nick to describe himself in five adjectives, …

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