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That Time I Traveled with My Parents in Israel

Us all covered in mud before dipping in the Dead Sea in Israel

Even though I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Israel twice before in my life, my parents had never been there. I’d been trying to convince them to go for a few years not necessarily because it’s my favorite place I’ve ever traveled to, but because I feel it’s an important place to travel to …

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What I Did in Israel after the Taglit-Birthright Trip

Hiking in an oasis in the desert in Israel

A few years ago, I found out that Taglit-Birthright changed their rules and I suddenly qualified for their free ten-day trip to Israel. I’m all about free trips, and definitely saw the value of a free flight to another continent (not something that comes around every day), so I signed on with Israel Outdoors for …

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Guys, Extend Your Stay after Birthright!!

Standing on Camel Hill in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

The Taglit-Birthright trip is great. It’s a taste of what Israel has to offer. But that’s the thing – it’s just a taste. Your ten days are spent flying around the country on a bus full of sexually charged 20-somethings, waking up at sunrise and almost never sleeping or sleeping well, and running from one …

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My Top 5 Favorite Places

I keep a list of the places I visit and I just recently started to put them in order of my favorite to least favorite. I say “places” instead of “countries” because sometimes I’ve only been to one city in a country and I don’t feel like it’s fair to judge a whole country based …

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I F*cking Love Turkey.

Listen: Go to Turkey. Go now, even if it’s February and the beaches are too chilly to visit. Go now even if you’re traveling by yourself and you don’t know anyone there. Go even if you don’t know anything about the country beyond the fact that it’s at the meeting point of Asia and Europe …

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Six Hours in Jerusalem

An old Arab man read my fortune today. I wandered into his shop – a metal jungle of souvenir gems, trinkets, oil lamps, and kiddush cups. He said he could see my soul in my eyes, and that it was as light as air. He assured me he meant light in a pure way, not …

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