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Talkspace Review: My Experience Using Text Therapy


Talkspace Review + $45 off your first month Whether you’re going through an acute crisis or working to manage your mental health in a long term way, therapy is a great tool. Unfortunately, there are a TON of barriers to making in-person therapy happen: from the exorbitant cost of therapy in the States (even if …

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On Falling Apart

In mirror with oatmeal face mask on

I joke sometimes that I am constantly falling apart. It’s nothing big or life-threatening, and I’m definitely grateful for that, but I feel like I just keep accumulating health issues- some more debilitating than others- and it’s because I’m for some reason “weak” or prone to them. Just some examples of my maladies include cystic back …

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What I’ve Learned from my “Staycation”

Drinking from a yellow pina colada flavored snowcone in Lexington Market

I haven’t had a staycation in the traditional sense, where you clear your schedule, plan a spa day at home, or book a weekend in a fancy hotel nearby. But ever since creating Baltimore Fun Hacks in February with G, I’ve felt a little bit like a tourist in my own city every weekend. It’s …

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Advice to New Grads


Six months after I myself graduated college, I wrote a post giving my advice to new grads. I essentially said “the thing you do right after you graduate is not as important to Your Future as you think it is”. Not bad, but I’ve had a few years now to contemplate what advice I would share …

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How I Would Change the “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” Quote

not all who wander are lost

If you’ve been around the Internet awhile you have probably stumbled upon the adage, “Not all who wander are lost” by J.R.R Tolkien. The idea behind the famous quote that seems to resonate with countless nomads and backpackers around the world is that just because they live nomadically without a conventional job/house/family/whatever that doesn’t mean they …

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The Liebster Award: 11 Facts About Me

A big thank you to Kat from Kat Is Travelling for nominating me for the Liebster Award. According to the rules, I have to answer the 11 questions she set forth and nominate my own group of travel bloggers with a new set of questions. Here we go! What’s your funniest story from travelling? Funny? …

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