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30 Lessons Before 30

Girl by rocks in black and white

1 You aren’t a finished product. There is always more room to grow and learn. Don’t stop trying to be better. 2 The value of goals isn’t necessarily in achieving them but in striving to do so. 3 The concept of love portrayed in all forms of media and entertainment is utterly ridiculous. We really …

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What I’ve Learned about Sex & Romance from Travel

Portrait in front of rocks in black bikini on beach in Koh Tao

It’s Valentine’s Day in Sri Lanka, my friends! I’ve never been one to shy away from writing about personal topics on the internet (see: chronic pain, job rejections, therapy…), but this is a new level even for me. The thing is, I’ve always felt this topic is so important to the experience of travel (especially …

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On Blogging with Depression

Foot selfie of the faces at the Berlin Jewish Museum

I wrote the first draft of this post in October of 2016 but have only recently felt brave enough to publish it. As vulnerable as it makes me feel, I think this topic is too important to not discuss on my blog. “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth …

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Talkspace Review: My Experience Using Text Therapy


Talkspace Review + $80 off your first month Whether you’re going through an acute crisis or working to manage your mental health in a long term way, therapy is a great tool. Unfortunately, there are a TON of barriers to making in-person therapy happen: from the exorbitant cost of therapy in the States (even if …

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On Falling Apart

In mirror with oatmeal face mask on

I joke sometimes that I am constantly falling apart. It’s nothing big or life-threatening, and I’m definitely grateful for that, but I feel like I just keep accumulating health issues- some more debilitating than others- and it’s because I’m for some reason “weak” or prone to them. Just some examples of my maladies include cystic back …

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