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Cambodia the Strange

Just some Preliminary Thoughts: I used to feel compelled to write, but these days my only motivation to record anything – either privately or publicly – is for posterity and as a duty to my readers (if I even still have any). I don’t know what it is…I guess I’m living passively. I’m sort of …

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On Being Different

Standing in my Chacos in Khao Sok National Park

Being different is different for me. I’ve always blended in, more or less. I’ve always felt like I belonged, even in Australia where, unless I was wearing something really “dodgy” as Americans like me tend to do, my nationality was ambiguous until I opened my mouth to speak. It’s different here. I’m different here. Sometimes …

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Thoughts on the Backs of Extra Worksheets

I didn’t even start thinking about it until two months in, then I counted the days and was shocked to see there were more than thirty of them. It’s like dipping your hands into a bucket of sand; pull them up and let the stuff funnel down in between your fingers and your hands are …

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