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A Year in Review: 2020


Oh god. Does anyone really want to read about this year? Haven’t we all had enough already? Alas. Tradition calls. Middle fingers up for 2020 one more time, whaddya say? The Not So Good Parts The first three months of this year hit like a snowball of trauma knocking the wind out of me. (I’m …

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30 Lessons Before 30

Girl by rocks in black and white

1 You aren’t a finished product. There is always more room to grow and learn. Don’t stop trying to be better. 2 The value of goals isn’t necessarily in achieving them but in striving to do so. 3 The concept of love portrayed in all forms of media and entertainment is utterly ridiculous. We really …

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Oops I’m in THAILAND

Visiting my home in Bangkok five years later

WOW it has been one hell of a long time coming for this one. But I have finally arrived at my “final” destination for the moment: Thailand! As I’ve said before, one of the main reasons I wanted to become a freelancer was to have location independence so I could travel/live abroad. I had a …

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What I Learned from Being Rejected from 34 Jobs

What I learned from being rejected from 34 jobs

My story, in any way it’s told, has never been about magical transformations. I didn’t quit my job to get paid to travel the world, or quit my job and become a passive income guru overnight. I quit my job and struggled with my mental health, struggled with making decisions, trusting myself, feeling worthy as …

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A Year in Review: 2016

whale shark in the Georgia Aquarium

I’ve never done a year-end review before, but they are actually quite popular in the blogging world so I figured I would give it a try. The end of the Gregorian calendar year also happens to coincide with my self-hosting anniversary: Almost exactly 1 year ago I bought the domain mishvoinmotion.com and started learning WordPress like …

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