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Christmas in Canada

I had two new firsts this holiday season: 1) It was my first time in Canada and 2) it was my first time really celebrating Christmas.

I’ve decided I like both Canada and Christmas.

Snowshoeing in Ottawa at Christmas
So Canada. So Christmas.

Gatien and I drove up to his hometown of Ottawa a few days before Christmas and stayed with his family there until just before New Years Eve. I’m not sure what I was expecting out of Canada…I’ve met a lot of Canadians throughout my travels and I like to think I’ve gotten good at differentiating between them and Americans (We’re louder, they’re chiller. They’re more likely to have tattoos and piercings. We wear uglier shoes. They’re more likely to be traveling solo…)

I guess I associated Canada with snow, maple syrup, nice people, and socialized healthcare. I wasn’t wrong. Canada is definitely those things. But in the end, I think we’re more similar than we are different. (Duh, right?)

Museum of Civilization in Ottawa
Exploring the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. Looks similar to the stuff you would see in the American Museum of Natural History, right?

We share a similar historical context (with the native peoples and the Europeans), the same language, customs… And North America up there still looks like North America down here, for the most part. (Minus the polar bears.)

The food was BOMB

While in Ottawa, I ate a lot of REALLY DELICIOUS HOMEMADE FOOD. Gatien’s mom, Catherine, is an extraordinary chef. I had had a taste of the French home cooking life while visiting various members of Gatien’s extended family in France this past summer (like the time his aunt and uncle butchered and prepared two of their chickens for lunch), but I think spending a week with his mom takes the cake – all puns intended 😉

Christmas log dessert chocolate cake
Trying to keep my cool in the presence of the magnificent Christmas “log”

We woke up in the mornings to homemade bread topped with homemade strawberry jam and clementine jelly, alongside a steaming mug of homemade mint tea. Then lunch was something delicious like beef stewed with carrots on top of al dente pasta, followed by homemade banana bread/cake and coconut flan, then coffee and tea to close.

Homemade bread in Ottawa at Christmas
About that homemade bread…

Christmas lunch was a freakin Christmas miracle: olive-encrusted bread and smoked salmon with capers and dill jelly for an appetizer, then roasted chicken and vegetables, then a chocolate “log” made of layers of chocolate cake and ganache, topped with ganache, then of course coffee and tea.

Contrary to what many of us think of as “French food”, it wasn’t about being fancy and complicated. It was about using simple, fresh ingredients to create balanced and tasty meals. Like the time Catherine cut potatoes in half, sprinkled some sea salt, and stuck them in the oven. That was it. Then you sort of mush them into the juices from the meat and it’s like…WOW.

It’s no wonder Gatien has developed the appreciation for food (and dining rituals) that he has.

I get why people like Christmas

Me and Gatien in front of Christmas tree
Christmas Eve

If you’ve ever seen my Bat Mitzvah slideshow vid you’ll know I used to sing in a Christmas choir when I was in 5th grade. Yes, I memorized dance routines to “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus” and “Jingle Bell Rock” and I took my snapping, stepping, and clapping in my puffy dress and Christmas ribbons very seriously.

Anyways, I’ve always enjoyed a Christmas tune or two (OR TEN BILLION THANK YOU EVERY RETAIL STORE EVER) around the holiday season.

But when it comes to Christmas Eve and Day, I’ve almost always done things the Jewish way: with Chinese food and a movie and/or 10 hours of The Tenth Kingdom in the Eisenberg’s living room. Great memories, those.

Christmas eve group selfie
This year’s Christmas squad

So it turns out on Christmas, you decorate a tree, eat wonderful food (see above), and exchange gifts. I did these things in Ottawa and I totally get the appeal. My Christian friends who have grown up doing this stuff are probably laughing right now but try to remember what it felt like to plug in your Christmas lights for the first time. It’s magical.

Canada is cold as sh**

Yeah so…Canada is cold as shit. This was no Koh Phangan Christmas.

I can’t imagine growing up in a place where you wear snow boots many months of the year. And you have to worry about shoveling or snow blowing your driveway all the time. Rivers freeze over and you skate on them. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are casual sports. You can sled down the neighborhood sledding hill on the weekend. I just can’t imagine that life.

Snowshoeing in Ottawa during Christmas
Canada life I guess

The Ottawa winter that I witnessed was beautiful at times – like the day it snow stormed and we snowshoed through a winter wonderland forest and sang Frozen songs. But nasty at others – like the day it ice rained and we skipped and slid our way home from a movie while braving the icy sidewalks. But either way, it’s very cold and thus for me, only bearable in small quantities.

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Staying inside a lot wasn’t so bad. I got to talk with Patrice and Catherine, Gatien’s parents, and sing harmonies with his sister. Agathe’s bunny even came out for a cuddle.

Freezing cold even before the snow storm – it was in the early 20’s F this day

Yeah Canada is crazy cold, but I still wanna see those polar bears. I think I’ll add a few Canadian spots to my bucket list for next time. Churchill, Niagra Falls, Quebec City, and Banff National Park are all calling to me from under their blankets of snow…

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  1. Jenny says:

    How exciting to celebrate Christmas for the first time! It looks like you got the full experience…great friends, amazing food and of course all that wonderful snow. Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Marlene Kawalek Josephs says:

    I loved this story. We, in the Kawalek household, grew up thinking our father was Christian and celebrating Christmas until I was in 7th grade. We had a Christmas tree and Lionel trains running around it. Presents were loaded under the tree. I sang in the glee club and learned every Christmas song, both in English and Latin. This year, Molly, Burt and I went to Riverside Church on Christmas Eve to hear the choir. When I started singing along to Adeste Fidelis (Oh Come all Ye Faithful), Molly was blown away. Mwah.

    • mishvo says:

      Aw thank you Marlene! I am always impressed by your Christmas song repertoire, especially in Latin. Did you also do Hanukkah growing up or just Christmas? Miss you xx

  3. Very fun and exciting! Never been to Canada but, I spent a few winters and Christmas in Minnesota when I was in my early twenties (a while ago let’s just say). I absolutely loved it and felt the same way about how it truly felt wonderful and how Christmas should be.

    • mishvo says:

      Ah likewise, I’ve never been to Vancouver! I’ve heard it’s wonderful though. Guess I should add it to my Canada bucket list 😉

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