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Messages from Creepy Doods on Couchsurfing

This is my couch:

couch for couchsurfing

It’s a nice couch. And so colorful, isn’t it? I like it a lot. I also just recently figured out it folds out into a bed!

I’ve used my couchsurfing account to meet up with a few people but have yet to host anyone. It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea – it’s just that most of the messages and Couchsurfing requests I receive are from older (like 30’s and 40’s), creepy doods. To try to discourage creepy dood messages, I added the following little notice to my profile: “I would love to be able to host as long as you’re not creepy.”

It’s worked, for the most part.


hello Mischel ,

i know i spelled ur name wrong but while correcting the typo error wondered if it will offend u ? lol


would love to see the side of bkk like how you would! hear from you soon aight?! πŸ™‚


hi, would u like to hang out?

hı. am from turkey. ı wıll visit country abaout 2 mouths later. u wanna meet me and drink somethıng πŸ™‚


my name is A. 30 years from jordan live in qatar work as system analyst
I am coming to bangkok in saterday 1 sep -2012, I will have hotel just I need you to show me the city.I dont like to walk alone


Ciao this is my last day in Bkk I was wondering if U like to meet me for some dinner & drinks. I’m @ Pranakorn Norlern guest house, a lovely place close to Kao San road.


How are you, hope you fine. I am Dr B, from Bangkok, searchign friends would u accept my friendship.

Dr B


i live in india. a journalist by profession , teach meditation and love to travel. can we connect here ? i am visiting Thailand for 12 days from 28th sept onwards. can teach you meditation .lol its wonderful experiance Michelle. believe me .
can you provide me a couch ?

take care
love n peace


hi. i will be in Bangkok, from 28 – 30 September, looking for new friends to hang out, if u free.

I like to have friends from all over the world and I was wondering if we can meet there and have a drink together “no worries I’m christian πŸ˜› ” and so you give me some recommendation for places to visit.

Hope I will hear from you soon.

bye byes πŸ˜‰


Hello, how are you? my name is D im from Montevideo,Uruguay. I just fouded you profile random, i dont need a couch, im not looking for something and probably i will never see you, just i saw your profile and i liked, and i really wanted to tell you that. Just that not second intention or whatever.

Hope you have a nice day



Sawasdee Kha Michelle,
Sabai dee mai kha? you look so cute in your photos.. I’m E from Turkey in Istanbul..I come Thailand every year..I’ve been Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket 4 times before..I love Thailand and Thai Culture so much..I will come to Thailand in february or march in 2013 for 19 days…if you don’t mind, I would like to be your friend and write to you. Who knows maybe we can meet somewhere in Thailand for having a couple of coffee..Keep in Touch..byee


Hello there Michelle

I was just browsing and came across your profile and thought she seems really cool..I just moved to Bangkok so thought it would be cool to meet new peeps.
You probably get loads of messages and so to be honest…why would you want to reply to mine…But….
I’m Open-minded, Generous, Happy, Fun, love to travel, love to meet new people, love music, extremely spontaneous and impulsive, ambitious and passionate.
I’m very much into Karma and Aura, and how things happen for a reason..and so in that state..I’m going to see if we are meant to be friends (which would mean you will reply to me)…or not.
Like Dr Pepper says “try it..you might like it”
Hope to hear from you


PS a joke for you :

Whats the difference between the people from Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

The People from Dubai do not watch “The Flintstones” where as the people from Abu Dhabi doooo!



Hi Michelle,

Has anybody ever mistaken you as Giada de Laurentiis (of Food Network)? I swear, my initial glimpse of your picture profile made me look twice!

Anyways, may I ask for your help re creating a 1-day itinerary while in Bangkok? I am visiting CNX and CEI for work and have to frequently go back to BKK just to get between the 2 provinces. From your CouchSurfing entry experience, there is not much to see in BKK except for the touristy stuff. Given this statement, what would be a must-see/must-experience thing to do while in Bangkok? Like you, I’m not into the tourist trap but would rather experience the real Bangkok like any other locals.

I have messaged at least 3 people here in CS but have not heard back, I’m hoping that your southern hospitality would reign and provide me the guidance that I would be needing while in Thailand.

Thank you in advance.



  1. miestravels says:

    Hahaha, “you look so cute in your photos…” I don’t know, but that just makes me shudder. Especially the ‘…’ adds to the creepy factor! I’d never let a random guy crash my couch if he begins his e-mails with that.

  2. nitinsaboo says:

    I never use to believe Liz, until she showed me her inbox.I still don’t know if its irritating or fun to read such unsolicited/weird message.

    Mostly messages on CS would be unsolicited simply because of the nature of the CS ecosystem..

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