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From Nonthaburi to Canterbury

I still get this little rush every morning when the announcement comes on to tell me my local train is eventually headed to London: “Chartam, Chilham, Wye, Ashford International…LONDON BRIDGE…”

Ooo London!! I could be going to London! Look how easy it is!! Of course really I’m on my way to Wye, a village just ten minutes away, and really really I should stop getting excited about my proximity to London because that’s what happens when you live in England.

On the train. In England. Cause I live here.
On the train. In England. Cause I live here.

I haven’t been very vocal (at least on the Internet) about where I currently am and why. I’m sorry to say it’s somewhat top secret, but: I’m here in Canterbury, a small town in the southeastern corner of England, doing an internship for a few months. I’ve been working for three weeks now, taking that London-bound train every morning, and I love the work I’m doing! Very excited about it.

As for Canterbury, I’m pretty sure it’s actually Disneyworld. There are cobblestone streets, castle-looking things, an epic 16th century cathedral, and a hundred thousand tourists!

Canterbury Cathedral
It’s like someone imagined what an old English town would look like and then they made Canterbury.

No, but really, Cbury is adorable and charming – so much so that it’s hard to believe it’s a real place.

More exciting to me, but maybe not to you, is the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding area. Specifically, there’s this absolutely magical trail right near my house that follows along the river back through the mist-covered fields. I love going running back there after work just as the sun is setting…I’m usually the only one on the trail besides the odd couple canoodling by the river and listening to the ducks. It’s peaceful and perfect.

Canterbury running trail
How good is this?

Canterbury running trail

I get to come home every day after work to my three lovely roommates, all of whom have contributed to these last couple of blog posts by generously sharing their laptops with me. They bake and chat and indulge me in all my weird habits like singing Youtube karaoke and dancing to Shakira in my room and doing yoga in the living room while they eat dinner. I’m so enjoying living with them in our cozy little terrace house.

Roommates in Canterbury
My roommate Sarah. I’m chewing a carrot mid-photo by the way.

Before moving to Cbury and settling into my work routine, I did spend a few days in London hanging out with Mark and Joe, friends I originally met while traveling in Thailand. We didn’t do much of interest, nothing really to report…We just kinda got drunk off steins of beer at a German-themed pub, then spent the next day wandering around hungover. It was great seeing them though and good to see London again. Maybe next time I visit we’ll try harder to be tourists 😉 (but maybe not)

Coffee with Mark
Coffee with Mark. Joe’s not in the picture because he’s the one who made us the coffee.

I recognize that it’s taken me way too long to catch up the blog with the present moment. I was stuck behind Israel; for the longest time I didn’t understand my own feelings on Israel or know how to write them out.

So anyways I was stuck. It didn’t seem right moving straight into Turkey and England without mentioning Israel first. I felt this weird obligation to keep things in their chronological place. But then I realized, it’s my blog and there ain’t no rules. So, I finally wrote about Turkey and here we are in England. Finally.

Canterbury: Yorkshire pudding
My first Yorkshire pudding. England, if yall like this, you’re gonna loooove American biscuits. It’s like this but 85% better.

I honestly don’t anticipate having that much to say on here in the next couple of months since I’m just working that hum-drum 9-to-5 life for now, but maybe things will get more interesting again around June. Either that or we’ll all be seeing my return to Atlanta at that point. yaaaay.



  1. KimVo says:

    People just don’t spend enough time canoodling. As far as Israel is concerned, glad you didn’t let us know how you really felt. Seriously, I think if you had family there it might be a different experience.
    Miss you!

    • mishvo says:

      Israel: Yeahhh I know but I couldn’t just say nothing about it. What do you mean about family? I stayed with Jena’s family for a while. And I stayed with a friend of a friend who was interning and living in Tel Aviv, and also a couchsurfing host, so I definitely got the native Israeli experience while in Tel Aviv.
      I’ll send you what I wrote and you can see what you think then.

  2. Miriam says:

    I totally agree with what you said about Canterbury, it is so amazing and I miss it way more than I ever thought I would. Fall of 2017 I studied at Canterbury Christ Church university for three months. And boy did I have the best time I loved it so much. It seems like such a dream, I wish I there RIGHT now. Can’t wait till I can go back hopefully in a couple years.

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