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A Very Gluttonous Holiday to You Too

My appetite is back in full-force. Europe has helped me recapture the joy of eating and it’s been so much fun!

Eating in Europe
A traditional Bavarian breakfast (minus the beer) thanks to Thomas and Julia

In my last couple of months in Thailand, I had grown so sick of the food that eating became a chore. I think I lost a lot of weight, subsisting on yogurt and cereal from 7-eleven, and the wayward spicy noodle soup from the street food vendor, when I could work up the appetite for it.

It got especially bad after leaving Bangkok for the islands. The quality of the food on the islands was so unpredictable, it made me despondent and uninterested. Learned helplessness, I think they call it. I wrote about it a lot in my journal actually, because it was just so awful to not be able to enjoy eating.

Enjoying eating falafel in the Jewish Quarter in Paris
Enjoying eating falafel in the Jewish Quarter in Paris. OOOOH yes.

Then India happened and I went CRAZY for chapatis, chickpeas, potatoes, and lassis. But I also got severely food-poisoned and faced the same issue of unpredictable food quality.

Finally, Germany. Delicious Europe, how I ADORE thee!

Bread, cheese, SALAMI, macarons, ICE CREAM, bread, sausage, stroopwafel, croquettes, falafel, croissants, schnitzel, wine, beer, ice cream, BREAD.

I gained all the weight back and then some. I’m actually feeling quite fat, lately. I think it’s for the best that I’m going home soon 🙂

Eating croquettes in Amsterdam
Croquettes in Amsterdam
Eating stroopwafel!
Stroopwafel! Just TRY not eating ten at a time, I dare you.
Eating ice cream in Munich
One scoop dill-cucumber and one cherry-cardamom in Munich.
Eating salad in Paris
“Salad” in Paris. Of course there’s bread and cheese on top!

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