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Goodbye to Baltimore Plus the One Thing I’m Gonna Miss the Most

Goodbye to Baltimore

Well, Baltimore. Feels a little bit like we’ve already done this…

Screenshot of Facebook post saying goodbye to Baltimore
aaaand I was back 3 months later

But we gonna do it again! Goodbye and good riddance, Baltimore. It’s been a weird two years.

Despite not liking the city, I’m actually feeling a bit sad about leaving. It truly is the closing of a chapter, and no matter how much I don’t like the story that was told on those pages, I get sad about the ends of chapters.

I suppose I have some positive memories here…

First and second term 2014 were thrilling: I was thrown into the weird tumbling clothes dryer machine of JHSPH social life. I had a crew called Funnel Cake (don’t ask). I threw house parties. The bars of Fells were my backyard playground.

Funnel Cake crew in Baltimore
Meet Funnel Cake
Our Funnel Cake crew Tshirt
We even had t-shirts

Those early Hopkins days, I studied a lot on roofs and that was lovely. I went for runs by the water in Fells, even that one time when it was like 19 degrees F outside and I was feeling crazy. I had friends come in from out of town to visit (shoutout to Rebecca, Jordan, and Morgan!).

It snowed in the winter! (Yes, this was exciting for a southerner such as myself). I fell for a pretty awesome guy who is now my boyfriend.

With Gatien in Baltimore
Cue cheesy couples shot

And oh gosh the oysters. If there’s one thing I’m going to miss the most about Baltimore it will be the oysters. I mean, the people too (heyo SBI!) but we’re all travelers –  I’ll see them again. But the oysters…

I can’t say I was a Super Oyster Fan before coming here – I slurped the occasional raw mollusc but never as frequently and with so much celebration as I have here in Baltimore these past two years. So thank you, Baltimore, for excellent oysters. I will miss them a lot!

Oysters at Faidley's in Baltimore

I don’t anticipate being sad for too long. And now that we’re here I might as well update you on my upcoming plans, of which there aren’t many.

Firstly, I’m going to a conference in Clearwater in June, then back to Atlanta to see every health professional possible before I turn 26 and don’t have health insurance anymore (how stupid is that). Then I’m going on vacation for three weeks in July in Europe. And after that I literally have no idea.

No one is ever comfortable with having no idea, but I’m challenging myself to get comfortable with it. It’s definitely not easy.

I wish I had a better answer for you guys when you ask me buthwhereareyougoingwhatareyoudoing but I just don’t know, and it’s on purpose. I decided that I’m not going to let myself make plans until after my vacation because I need some space and perspective after the past two years in the Hopkins system. It really affected me and I’m confused about what I want in every way possible.

I’ll be working on it. For now,   out Bmore!

Driving to Baltimore with mom


    • mishvo says:

      Hi Lemmy! Thanks for reading 🙂 It was SO lovely to see you in Baltimore and to meet Natalie as well. Hope all is well in Germany!

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