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Goon and the Gaff, ‘Cause I’m a G

I may be a G, but I’m also a big dummy. That photo of 3 Creek on here is actually the house next door. So, now, I present to you, my actual home at 3 Creek Street: (to be posted at a later date.)

Burthday party part 2 turned out better than expected. I sent out a mass text to all of the phone numbers in my phone inviting people to my house for drinks then celebratory clubbing afterwards. The original plan was to honor my Athens party by karaoke-ing again but I don’t know this city well enough to successfully execute such a plan. Everyone came over – I think we were about 30 or so – ready to party. It turned out to be a great crowd. Monica brought the Spanish and Portuguese contingent, Ben brought the Americans, and there were of course a few Germans and Australians in there too. We hung around in my backyard for about 2 hours then set off on a trek across town to a notorious night club known as The Gaff. It’s located on Oxford Street, which is, from what I understand, a clubgoer’s paradise. It was nearly impossible to choose just one club (and be sure it was the best one!) so in a moment of drunken decision-making we lined up outside The Gaff. There are two levels inside, if that’s any indication as to the size of clubs like this. Below, they play house music and on the upper level they play hip hop. Dark, smoky, and with strobe lights that can be both disorienting and exciting, the club has a reputation as one of the “dodgiest” backpacker hangouts. In the spirit of being “dodgy” and “backpackery” we had been sipping on boxed wine called “Goon” earlier in the night. It all seemed most appropriate and you can be rest assured I had a great, great night.

Continuing the theme, we ate at a greasy Oporto after dancing for 3 hours straight, then the remaining four of us took a taxi back to Forest Lodge. Thank you to Tim, Jordan, and Preya – the only ones who stuck around til the very, very end.

Clothilde (“Chlo”), my French roommate, moved in last night. She’s so sweet. She brought me a bottle of wine for my birthday. It seems like we will get along splendidly.

Today was my actually birthday in addition to the first day of classes at uni. I had only two – Biology and Developmental Psych. Both will fulfill credits I need at UGA. My bio class is a freshman lecture/lab combo in which we will dissect many an animal. Rumor has it we will even get our hands on some cadavers… College is college is college anywhere you go. Or at least in westernized, English-speaking countries.

Tomorrow I have bio again and my lab. And Wednesday I have African American Music (not a choral class this time, guys) and (hopefully!) ceramics. I want to get back into the pottery wheel, a hobby I fostered in approximately my 12th year of life.

When I got back from my grumpy hike to and from the grocery store, Jess, my Australian dancer-roommate, announced she was baking me a cake. It’s Lison’s (sp?) birthday as well, and I think when she and Cothilde get back from dinner they are going to bake a banana cake. Nommmmmmz. No big plans for my proper birthday night – just gonna go over and hang with Preya at her place in Glebe.

School bummed me out, I’m not gonna lie. It just sucks that my bestest vacation ever has to come to an end. Well, to be fair, it’s not really ending…

Jess bakes me a cake for my birthday
Jess bakes. It’s carrot and we iced and ate it straight from the oven.
Josh gives me a card for my birthday
The front of the card Josh (and Jordan?) made for me. Aren’t they the sweetest?


  1. Terror says:

    Mich, Its spencer.
    Lovin the blog. Hope you’re having a great time.
    I better read about you finding some cricket balls.
    The Ashes begin in November. You’ll start hearing about it soon.
    and of course…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    • mishvo says:

      shpence!!! don’t you dare think i’ve forgotten about the cricket balls. i haven’t. i miss you terribly, i’m so glad you’re reading the blog. i worry that my 19 readers a day merely represents the amount of times my mom checks the blog xoxoxoxo

  2. Jena says:

    way jealous of you taking a pottery class (fingers crossed)
    i can only hope that my trip will be 1/2 the excitement yours has already broughtt!!!

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