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The Great Vortex in the Sky

Wow. I mean WOW. I’ve made it. Getting on that plane to Sydney was like stepping into a huge black hole. I lost all sense of space and time. It was completely dark up there so even though I had a window seat, there wasn’t much to see until the sun rose this morning over the clouds. And as for time…I mean there were little tv’s on the seats in front of us and we could view the time at origin and time at destination but it helped not at all. They fed us strange (and strangely delicious) meals at arbitrary times. I was always surprised when they would walk down the aisles offering choices like “beef, chicken or pasta?” and “eggs or french toast?”

My neighbors were a gracious Australian couple who, although they spoke very little, were quite charming when they did. They confirmed that yes, indeed, that is a salad sandwich (in reference to the sandwiches the 14 flight attendants passed out consisting of tomato, lettuce, and a creamy, spicy cheese.) and even shared their tissues with me when I found myself to be in a long, frustrating state of pre-sneeze.

I supposed I should back up a little – The flight to LAX was mostly uneventful except for my neighbor’s brush with death when she began choking. Her friend suddenly yelled out what I can only assume was “help!” in a German-sounding language. It was garbly and loud and not as harsh-sounding as the German language, but who’s to say what it may have been. Nevertheless, everyone kinda panicked for a moment and some lady (presumably her mother or just a nurse? don’t know for sure) jumped up to help. She was fine within minutes but the event did make me want to cry, both from the compassion I witnessed as people wanted to help and from the sheer fright of watching someone choke before my eyes.

Anyways, I don’t really know what to do now – I can’t officially check in here at the hostel until 1pm (it’s now 10:21 am) so a shower is going to have to wait. I did however brush my teeth and tried to make my hair appear somewhat presentable. I think I’m going to try to straighten out the phone situation and maybe walk to campus.

By the way, the hostel is very cool looking. Spacious, industrial, bright, and bustling with backpackers. More on that later.


  1. KimVo says:

    This is so exciting! The flight the way you described it sounds otherworldly. Looking forward to the next entry!

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