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My Parents Went on Their Honeymoon in Greece in 1982 and Took the Best Photos Ever

You saw them go to Thailand 2013-style, now let’s go back in time and see my parents on their honeymoon in Greece in 1982.

I recently realized I had never in my life seen my parents’ pictures from their time in Greece. I asked my dad about it, so tonight he went down into the basement and dug up a dusty album of THE BEST PHOTOS EVER.


Okay a) I’m having a serious Midnight-in-Paris moment: why is everything in the past so much better than is it now? Why can’t we travel like people did in 1982  – with film cameras and binoculars? With no cellphones?? How romantic everything looks. How happy and relaxed they must have been in those simpler times. Oh, nostalgia!

and b) These photos are proof that parents are the original hipsters.

I’ll say no more. The photos more or less speak for themselves.

Dad in Greece

Greece honeymoon

Honeymoon in Greece scenery

Mom during her honeymoon in Greece

Daveo during the honeymoon in Greece

My parents kissing on the balcony during their honeymoon in Greece

Daveo during his honeymoon in Greece

Mom in the streets of Greece

Daveo on the boat in Greece

Drinking wine on their honeymoon in Greece

Mom on honeymoon in Greece


  1. KimVo says:

    Thanks for the memories, Mishvo
    The details:
    Pictures taken with a Canon AE-1. Here’s where we went – flew to Athens, spent two days adjusting. flew to Rhodes, flew to Crete, then took boats to Santorini and then Mykonos, then another boat to Pyraeus.
    It was sort of like Homer’s Odyssey.
    Then flew home from Athens to a Halloween party in Queens where we lived and dressed in togas.

  2. Allan Luftig says:

    Always amusing when children realize that their parents may have been cool at one point in time, hard to believe…now picture someone related to you, say in thirty years from now reading your blogs and photos…
    Thanks for sharing those great images of my very dear old friends.

  3. A says:

    The photos are incredible. thanks for sharing. It is always lovely to look back on time a little. They were simpler those times in some ways and not in others heh. But yea, that would be nice to travel that way again (and without all the tourists too!)

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