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And in just a month…

…I will be going to Sydney.

Recently I’ve been coping with this fact – trying to break it down into its components: I see myself getting on and off planes at strange hours of the day, being hungry and sleepy and maybe a bit confused. I arrive at the Sydney airport with maybe a bit too much luggage, where I meet the designated “greeter” sent over from USyd. And then my daydream hits the the proverbial wall. I don’t know where I’m going to live while I look for a “permanent” apartment…I don’t know who I’m going to meet or what I’m going to do those first few weeks. I’m nervous, I’m excited…but mostly I’m just not ready.

I still have some CAF (Course Approval Form) stuff to get signed. Today I found out from the very unpleasant British man in the OIE office that color copies of my passport photo do not suffice as “color copies of a passport-sized photos.” Why not? Well, I just don’t know but I plan on straightening it out tomorrow so I can sign up for the special $22 insurance that provides repatriation of remains as its most distinguished service. There are other important things that I need to do before I run out of time but I won’t bore you with the details of my pre-departure checklist.

For now you should know Eliza and I are, appropriately, in the middle of watching Finding Nemo. Hey – did you know the voice of Nemo is Shane Botwin from Weeds? I didn’t.


  1. itorganization2017 says:

    Have a spectacular trip and experience ‘down under!’ One word or warning – or more of a ‘heads up.’ I don’t know if they still do this, but on my trips to Ausie, when the plan first pulls into the gate, agents board the plane with some sort of decontamination spray and wall up the plane’s aisles spraying everything and everybody.

    They claim it’s harmless (if so, what’s the point?) but it can be a little unnerving if you aren’t expecting it. So, be warned – expect to be sprayed, and don’t take it personally!

    Sydney is a fabulous city – make the most of it!

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