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Message from Richard

A few days ago I was lucky enough to receive an inbox on Facebook from Rich. I think the world deserves to see it. It goes a little something like this:

“MSRP has not done anything exclusive and cool in forever. No excuses, Happy Hour tomorrow at 5:00 PM (or earlier).

Things up for debate:
1) Where?
I recommend the class of the Forest Lodge Hotel AKA ‘The Flodge’ with its delicious complimentary treats or Bar Century [Century Bar?] which is a bit far, but $3 mix drinks and beer all night long. However, other options are being considered, such as the Landsdowne. Cheap and awesome are also required to be key elements in any given suggestion.

2) What time?
I don’t care, but I have a paper due at 4:00 PM, so after that.

3) Costumes?
It is Halloween weekend and I’m dying to see how much money Shrey can make dressed as a Tranny Prostitute.

Things NOT up for debate:
1) Attendance
2) Attendance
3) Lots of High Fives

R as in Richard and RAHH (Rage At Happy Hour)


Topics of Discussion Include:
1) Initial designs for sweet neon tanks/coozies/headbands/trucker hats to commemorate this trip
2) Final things we want to do before we leave
3) Possible “MSRP Says Goodbye to Sydney Party”?
4) How funny Dyke Renz is
5) Would Mussels be good on pizza?

And finally,

6) I saw “Extra Tasty” Cheese at Coles the other day and my question is, how much tastier can tasty cheese get?

I don’t care what you think right now, you can tell it to me in person at Happy Hour.

R as in Richard and RFYIC (Raging? Fuck Yes I’m Coming)”

Thank you, Richard, for making my day and inadvertently contributing to my blog.

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