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A Photojournal of My Quarantine in London, ALONE

Girl sitting on bed mirror selfie during quarantine
Just a couple days in and honestly not mad. Kind of thriving.
McDonald's closed sign in London
And then all the shops closed for the lockdown, which has lasted over 6 weeks so far.
Empty toilet paper shelves in the grocery store
Remember when everyone was freaking out about toilet paper?
Sign in Queen's Park in London during quarantine
At Queen’s Park, where I went daily for some fresh air and exercise. Towards the latter part of quarantine, it was sometimes very difficult to watch people socialize with their friends and family here.
Not much of a cook but here are some of my quarantine meals.
Empty Abbey Road crossing in London during quarantine
I walked to see the Abbey Road Crossing one day and had it all to myself.
Girl going running mirror selfie
Ready to run! Ordering sneakers online was one of my best investments of quarantine. I still had a lot of pep in my step the first month of quarantine. I think I was still hoping things would go back to normal soon. The second month…was much harder.
Foot selfie on pavement with small yellow petals
Foot selfie from one of my daily sanity walks. Spring was coming.
Deserted London streets and wayward glove
Deserted London streets and a wayward glove
Daily sanity walk collage
Collage of scenes from my daily sanity walks. Spring arrived to London and I’ve actually never experienced so much good weather in England before.
Sunset in London during quarantine
By far the best photo I took during quarantine. Saying goodbye to two extremely blurry months of my life I both can’t really remember and will never forget.

Not pictured: time spent reading (it took me 5 weeks to read Gone with the Wind but I did it!), talking on the phone with friends (mostly in the beginning; by the end, I didn’t have much to say anymore), and the endless hours of Netflix binges (mainly Vampire Diaries and New Girl).


  1. Kim Vogel says:

    Hi Mishvo,
    Your pictures and words are very poignant. They show what being truly alone is like. I am grateful knowing that there is light at the end of your isolation tunnel.

    I am also very impressed with your cooking skills!

    Stay healthy and safe and I will see you in a couple of days (and give you a hug at the end of the quarantine period.)


  2. Reed Smoke says:

    We have little in common except travel. You eat much better than me, It looks like you are a good cook, I’m not. I don’t run I walk, I do go to the gym at lest 4 times a week, that is, when it is open.

    I enjoy reading about your life, good and bad.

    Keep traveling, and keep reporting on your adventures.


    • mishvo says:

      Hi Reed, haha you are too kind, I’m genuinely a terrible cook. I cook only out of necessity. Thank you for your kind words and for reading along.

  3. Michael Hart says:

    Wayward Glove seems like a band I saw at the 40 Watt.

    ‘Blurry’ is also how I would describe quarantine, but I can’t pin down why.
    Plenty of time to reflect on it, I guess.

    Also this sounds like a joke but it’s not meant as one: I hope you continue to blog from your parents’ house. VERY RELEVANT for some of us.

    • mishvo says:

      Hey Michael, thanks for your comment:) Haha it would be a great indie band name. Yes it’s definitely been a time of reflection that’s for sure…

      I’ve been working on posting ‘evergreen’ content since getting back to the States but you’re right maybe a little living-at-home-with-my-parents update post would be super relatable in these “uncertain times”!

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