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8 Places to Travel to When Quarantine is Over

There’s nothing like a global lockdown to crank up the wanderlust am I right or am I right?

I don’t know about you but the second I lose the freedom to travel, it’s all I want to do. To add to that it’s definitely that *~Spring Fever~* time of year so I be daydreaming about palm trees and ocean breezes anyways…

Pinterest and Instagram offer some means of satisfaction in the wanderlust department (follow me there if you don’t already!) but I recently watched a video made by my friend Steve Yalo that really did it for me. And also inspired me to create my very own list of places to travel to when quarantine is over. Let us indulge ourselves, shall we?

8. Travel after quarantine: New Zealand’s South Island

Girls hiking in New Zealand's Southern Alps
Hiking in the Southern Alps

It’s been 10 years since I visited New Zealand and I’m thinking it’s high time I return. The North Island is special no doubt but the South Island really brings the drama with the snow-capped mountain peaks, icy glacial lakes, and jaw-dropping fjords. And the place is empty – you’re just on your own out in the middle of nature.

More on New Zealand: Wow. (This post is from 2010 so bear with me. Also lol the title.)

7. Japan

Silver temple in Kyoto, Japan
The Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto

I went to Japan last year on a girl’s trip with my friend Christie and it did not disappoint. In fact, Japan easily climbed to my shortlist of favorite travel destinations. I was especially drawn to the nuances of their food and culture. From learning how to make our own sushi, to walking through some serious #cabinporn goals in the thatched hut village of Shirakawago, I was just completely enchanted by Japan.

More on Japan: Experiencing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Kyoto – while dressed in a kimono!

6. Israel

Couple floating in the Dead Sea
My parents having a blast in the Dead Sea

Picture this: a bowl of fresh hummus, topped with chickpeas and fragrant olive oil served with onions and warm pita bread at a hole-in-the-wall Arab shop in the back alleyways of Tel Aviv. Yeah. That’s the good stuff.

Okay I got another one: the sunset from a viewpoint over the Negev desert; there’s no life to make a sound and all you can hear is the wind blowing over the vastness of empty terrain. Aghhh or what about looking up at the incomprehensible multitude of STARS in the deep chill of a desert night??

ONE MORE! The hilarity of plopping yourself into the silky water of the Dead Sea and bobbing around like a buoy in the sunshine whilst Dead Sea mud you had caked on yourself melts off.

More on Israel: Six Hours in Jerusalem

5. Koh Tao

Koh Tao sunset from north
Overlooking Koh Tao at sunset

Ah, good ol Koh Tao. My home of 10 months and always a favorite escape. If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you know why Koh Tao is on this list: lake-like seas that allow for easy and fun underwater activities; super sexy sunsets and viewpoints from which to watch them; just enough party to be fun but not too much to be, well, too much; and of course gorgeous beaches. It’s still my favorite island in Thailand!

More on Koh Tao: WTF have I been doing on Koh Tao

4. Santa Fe

Hiking up the sand dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park
One HELL of a workout

Santa Fe man…This place really captivated me. The wacky art scene, cultural fusion in design and cuisine, and distinctive and magnificent nearby geological wonders all draw me back.

Meow Wolf, an interactive art installation inside an old bowling alley, still stirs my imagination. It was a celebration of all the senses, with colors and lights and sounds and new things to touch and experience at every turn.

More on Santa Fe: A Weekend Guide to Santa Fe: The Local’s Edition

3. Sri Lanka

Girl in red bikini running on Silent Beach in Sri Lanka
Silent beach

Admittedly, Sri Lanka wasn’t my favorite country for traveling and working as a digital nomad. HOWEVER I do think it would be excellent as a holiday destination. Specifically, I can’t stop daydreaming about Silent Beach. I’m sure as tourism continues to swell in Sri Lanka, this jaw-droppingly gorgeous and deserted beach spot will gain popularity, but until then I’ll remember it as one of the most blissful and beautiful beaches I’ve ever encountered.

More on Sri Lanka: An Ideal 2 Week Sri Lanka Itinerary (I spent 2 months there!)

2. Sardinia


Cliffs in Cala Gonona, Sardinia
Cliffs in Cala Gonone

After quarantine, I would probably love to travel to any of the beachy destinations around the Mediterranean but Sardinia happens to be the only one I’ve visited as of yet. It felt quiet even at the height of Europe’s summer holidays. Imagine walking around the old ramparts of Alghero in a sundress, gelato in hand…

You can rent a little boat and visit smaller beaches around the coast of Cala Gonone. I have never ever seen more sparkling clear turquoise sea water in my life.

More on Sardinia: Our week in Sardinia: The good and the bad

1. Bali

View of Mount Agung in Amed, Bali
Volcano views in Amed

Bali is the ultimate escape to me, which is exactly how I want to travel after quarantine. The Balinese sense of design and beauty – in everything from the temples to the villas to the food – reflects and complements the surrounding natural beauty that we see in the black sands, waterfalls, stunning sunsets, volcanoes, the sea, et. al. Even though the superficiality of the expat culture there still makes me cringe, I can’t deny that Bali represents a lot of desirable things to me: paradise, adventure, intrigue and more.

More on Bali: Just me writing about the past 6 months: From Chiang Mai to Sri Lanka to Bali and back

8 Places to Travel to When Quarantine is Over
8 Places to Travel to When Quarantine is Over


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