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My “Road to Success”

It’s so soon!! ahajksdhjfhsdjkhfsdjkhfjh!

As if the Indian buffet weren’t enough to induce high spirits, Dave and I discussed our respective study abroad trips over lunch today, leaving us both giggling with excitement. He’s going to Argentina and I’m madly jealous. I suppose I’ll add it to the list of places I want to go.  Or I could go there when I win the Around the World Internship (or whatever it’s called) from sta.com…

Needless to say, I’ve been researching hostels like it’s my job. Lucky for me, the search is almost up, as I’ve narrowed it down to three. An unintended but most appreciated side effect of my yet-unrivaled hostel quest is a close familiarity with the map of Sydney (or, at least, Google’s satellite version). Plans are solidifying…this is feeling more real. Enter: Excitement, Phase I.

They tell me (and by “they” I’m of course referring to the USyd folks who wrote the Sydney exchange bible affectionately known as “Your Road to Success”) that I will feel overwhelmingly excited at first. Check! But then…then they say I will inevitably become home-sick and depressed before reaching the ultimate level known as “more comfortable”. If “more comfortable” is what I have to look forward to, and I will surely pass through a bout of depression before reaching it, I give up right here right now. I’d like to believe my road to success is paved with optimism, shellaqued with melty marshmallows, and home to happy pink ponies. I imagine this road leads to, at the very least, a sense of complete and utter euphoria.

But really, I’m working on not having expectations. I will obviously be thrilled if there are marshmallows and pink ponies, but maybe the trick to surpassing “more comfortable” is not expecting anything at all. Jake (my coworker) is helping by telling it like it is. Like today at my last day of work, he reminded me it will only be light outside from 7am to 5pm when I get there. I suppose my road to success is of the dark kind, in the most literal sense.

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