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Selfies Around the World

When you travel alone, you inevitably end up taking a lot of selfies. Without further ado, Selfies around the world:


Brisbane, Australia. Making kangaroo friends 🙂
Athens, GA, USA. Getting distracted while packing up my room and moving out.


Bangkok, Thailand. Trying jackfruit for the first time
Bangkok, Thailand. Getting caught walking home in the torrential rain after work
Bangkok, Thailand. Entertaining myself in The Blue Room
Koh Phangan, Thailand. Thumbs up for the Half Moon Party
Koh Phangan, Thailand. Peace. Don’t wanna go back to work!
Hua Hin, Thailand. Sunset on the roof during weekend trip to the beach
Bangkok, Thailand. After I got my tattoo!
Bangkok, Thailand. Trying to beat the heat with a coconut drink
Bangkok, Thailand. Thrilled to be at school during Valentine’s Day. With all those damn stickers.
Bangkok, Thailand – Last day in The Blue Room. I can’t believe I did it – I’m free!!
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. Paradise
Bangkok, Thailand. At Wat Pho.
Delhi, India. Thumbs up for henna tats
Delhi, India. Thumbs up for sprained thumbs?
Fussen, Germany. The hills are alive. This place…amazing.
Paris, France. “got my hair up real big beauty queen style”
Amsterdam, Holland. Riding on the back of Aletta’s bicycle was terrifying at first
Berlin, Germany. Walls on walls: at the East Gallery of the Berlin Wall
Berlin, Germany. Laying around in Rebecca’s lap
Berlin, Germany. Sunglasses.
Frankfurt, Germany. Thank you and goodbye.


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