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Shorts (And I Don’t Mean the Kind You Wear!)

Please don’t watch me while I eat this tom yum. Please don’t watch as beads of sweat form on my upper lip, my glasses fog up, and my nose starts to run. Look away, I say! The corners of my mouth are staining red. My lips are on fire and I’m sniffling in the spicy and hot.

I’m hot.

Gosh, it’s hot out here. Why do they say eating hot soup is good for you when you’re outside in the Bangkok heat?

Oh please don’t watch me slurp it from my spoon.

tom yum soup
The Old Man’s tom yum jay with mama noodles (vegetarian spicy Thai soup). Bliss.


Gotta do something about these ants.

The ants are everywhere in my apartment. I’ve been keeping all of my food-related garbage out on the balcony (and have yet to figure out where it should go next. Where does all the trash go in Bangkok??). But they still come in here and crawl around on the floor, presumably happening upon the tiniest of bread crumbs from my daily peanut butter sandwich breakfast.

They bother me, I guess, but then there are moments when I feel like they are actually helping me out by cleaning up the crumbs for me.

Is that irrational?

I should get some ant traps.


Dear Mom,

It happened again. I’m so sorry. I lost the rings you gave me last fall – all three of them – and it breaks my heart to break this news to you. It was a couple years ago when you gave me the turquoise and silver ring and told me you got it out west and not to lose it. But a hotel room in New Orleans swallowed it whole and I always promised you I would get you a new one.

Then you gave me the trio of beautiful silver rings that I always wore simultaneously: two on my left hand and the stunning silver one with the simple gold dip in it on my right hand. I left them in Koh Tao, lost again to a the depths of a temporary residence.

I’m so sorry, Mom. Maybe you’re not angry, but I imagine you are disappointed and to me and that’s almost worse. I’m disappointed in myself because I promised I wouldn’t lose them and I did.

rings i lost in thailand
I loved these rings so so much.


Let this be my #1 gripe: There is no where to sing loudly in Bangkok.

Not even my shower, because it’s connected to my balcony and, therefore, the outside world. Everyone would be able to hear me, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but definitely changes the experience of singing loudly.

You see, the whole point of belting one out in the car is so you can practice being loud and obnoxious and ridiculous without anyone there to judge you. There is no equivalently human-less space that I can freely occupy here in Bangkok and for this, I am sad.

my car
You may think this is a picture of a car, but it’s actually a photo of my very own personal concert hall. There is also snow in this picture, which right now feels like the strangest and most unfamiliar substance in the universe. #perpetualsummer


“Ode to My Chacos”

You!!! You are the best shoes for me here. You’ve been there for me in the dirty Bangkok acid rain; you always stay on my feet and even though things get slippery, you never slip off.

You were there for me in the sand and sea; you supported me as I trekked through the mud and waded in the streams of the rainforest. You didn’t protect me from the leeches, but that’s OK. They didn’t hurt too much.

I don’t even mind that I have a weird foot tan line.


A study in non-graceful Eating for the Camera:

eating icecream
Clo and I were wandering aimlessly around Queenstown when we decided it was time for some ice cream. I think we split the cone cause it was so expensive. I remember thinking it was the best ice cream I had ever had, but now I can’t even remember what it flavor it was…
eating in sydney
Got this fish kabobs (I think it was tuna?) outside the fish market in Sydney.
eating iced chocolate in sydney
My first iced chocolate experience.
eating in athens
I brown-bagged my favorite salad I used to make back in Athens…brought it to the strawberry fields along with some chips and salsa. What a feast! What a face!


So here’s my question: is it possible to become addicted to sticky rice?


It’s much harder to write when you’re feeling happy. When you’re happy, you want to go out and do things. When you’re sad, you want to look inwards and figure shit out.


  1. KimVo says:

    obligatory mean mom-mode on:
    What do you mean you lost my rings? How could you…rant rant rant…
    mean-mom mode off
    Get some new ones, please, for yourself, not me.
    The rest of this is so funny…I am laughing out loud at work. And the tom yum looks good. I need to make that again one of these days.
    Sending you hugs, squinchy.

    • mishvo says:

      Thanks Mom. Ugh the ring thing is still bothering me…Because I left them there and then had someone send them to me but it seems as though they’ve been lost/stolen in the mail. Breaks my heart. I just feel so stupid.

  2. DaveO says:

    I doubt you can get addicted to sticky rice unless it’s in a sushi roll!
    Fun blog.. many chuckles reading and viewing your pictures.

    • mishvo says:

      Thanks Daveo! And I think we have confirmation that sticky rice is not, in fact, physically addicting. Doesn’t mean I don’t crave it most of the time…

  3. KimVo says:

    Where is “Do It Yourself Pest Control” when you need them…they have the best ant traps. Work like a charm! (That’s because the ant food they put in there is ground up moths or something like that.) It’s irresistible!

  4. bangkokiloveyou says:

    Ants also hate cinnamon, we had this problem in our last flat and I used a combo of cinnamon and window cleaner to get rid of them

    • mishvo says:

      Hmm that sounds like a good tip but you’re gonna have to walk me through this: do you mix the cinnamon and window cleaner together then…spread it around the floor?

      • bangkokiloveyou says:

        Ah yes, should have been clearer! I use the window cleaner to kill them, then I spread cinnamon over the holes and tracks they use to get in the house. It worked really well for me, good luck!

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