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Suburban Summer Part 1

It’s about time I stop bemoaning the inadequacies of suburban Atlanta life (urban sprawl, lack of community/culture, disappointing nightlife…) and appreciate the good stuff. I’m stuck here for a few weeks, might as well enjoy it, right? Plus, if I want to gain any sort of blog following I need to actually write some blog posts!!

One of the things I’ve always disliked about suburban living is not being able to walk anywhere. There is, however, one walkable destination from my house, and boy is it a good one.

Island Ford, a part of Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, is one of the most beautiful parks I know. I love living in such close proximity to it because that means I get to see it at its emptiest during the off-peak hours. Plus I don’t have to pay the $3 parking fee.

Today I walked into the park and followed the trail along the river until it started to rain. I turned off my iPod in favor of nature’s soundtrack: the rushing of the river, pattering of rain on the leaves, and honking of the geese. Thunder was rumbling in the distance. I bowed my head to keep the rain out of my eyes but water intermittently dripped from the tip of my nose like a leaky faucet.

Eventually I found myself in the midst of a complete downpour so I walked along until I found a rock outcrop and, after checking for critters, squatted there and watched the storm. Mist hovered above the river, obscuring anything interesting that may have been happening in those first three feet above the surface of the water (likely nothing) and making everything feel a little bit magical.

After twenty minutes or so, the rain slowed to a steady drizzle and I deemed it time to emerge from my perch under the overhang. I peaked down at the trail; everything looked fine but now I had the puddles to contend with.

Chattahoochee Island Ford park
Isn’t it beautiful?

Chattahoochee River

trails by the Chattahoochee

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