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Suburban Summer Part 3

This post is the third installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 2 can be found here.

Surprise! Guess where?

The Hindu temple in Atlanta

No, no – I’m not in Thailand just yet. This temple is actually in Atlanta. How wild is that??

This was the year of the most extreme (XTREME) multicultural Father’s Day in Vogel Family History. Dressed accordingly (this meant covering our knees and shoulders – I finally had a reason to wear my ridiculous long, blue skirt!), we headed out to see the Hindu temple, not expecting such a profoundly beautiful structure to live across the street from the Kroger shopping center in Lilburn, Georgia. WHO KNEW??

And everyone – I mean EVERYONE – was so friendly and helpful. They must get a lot of tourists but it doesn’t seem to bother the regular temple-goers at all. We definitely stood out as one of the few non-Indian-American families around, but everyone just smiled at us, said hello, and wanted to show us around and tell us all about their temple. I would be proud too!

One family led us inside where we removed our shoes and climbed up the stairs into whatever room seemed to be open to the public.

The entire structure, outside and inside, was hand-carved out of white marble in India and transported here in pieces. What a truly incredible artistic feat. And apparently the original temple it’s based off of in New Delhi is even bigger.

The room we were allowed into was like a quiet, little white marble cave. We walked around, the soles of our bare feet pressing into the smooth, cool floor, to look at the intricate designs carved into the walls and ceiling. Everything was dramatically lit by tiny blue-tinted lights in the floor.

Hindu temple in Atlanta

Hindu temple in Atlanta

Inspired and delighted, we tried, and failed, to satisfy our Indian food cravings at the vegetarian Hindu restaurant out front. No worries there – the next stop was the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside but I snuck a few:

Lychees in the Buford Highway Farmer's Market
Lychees! I spotted these Asian transplants amongst the wide variety of wild and crazy fruits they offered. I was really surprised to see these little guys – last time I saw them “in the fresh” was in Australia.

Jackfruit in the Buford Highway Farmer's Market

Just one of the trillions of aisles of ethnic food in the Buford Highway Farmer's Market
Just one of the trillions of aisles of ethnic food. The aisles are categorized both by content and nationality. Navigable but certainly overwhelming.

Another wild place that I can’t believe I’ve never been to. I got to sample mango juice, a taco, Korean seafood noodle soup, and rice with Japanese flavoring. Later, when I went to pick up prescriptions at Publix, I couldn’t help but notice how sterile and boring the place felt in comparison. If you’re looking to add some flavor to your life (and your fridge), I highly recommend visiting the market. Okay now I sound like an advertisement…

We’re having homemade sushi tonight!

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Gillian Merlyn says:

    We visited here a few years ago and were as amazed and impressed as you.
    Atlanta has quite a few surprises!
    Looks like a fun Father’s Day was had by all.

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