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Suburban Summer Part 4

This post is the fourth installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 3 can be found here.

The question is: Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Because it’s delicious.

We traveled inside the Perimeter (I know, I know, we’re not in suburbia anymore) to eat at Desta. The largely transliterated Amharic menu offered a challenge; we had to use both the English descriptions listed on the side and our waitress’ extensive advice to decode the menu. But eventually we came to see that it featured a wide variety of authentic Ethiopian cuisine plus a few Italian desserts thrown in for good measure. (Presumably because Italy ruled Ethiopia at some point.)

Christie embraced the authentic cuisine with alacrity. Her first move was to order an Ethiopian beer. Then she went for the kitfo appetizer – thinly sliced, rare beef pressed, quesadilla-style, between flatbread.

Eating Ethiopian food: kitfo and beer
The beer and the kitfo. The bread gave the spicy, tender meat a nice crunch.

The sky was looking ominous just as our oblong plates of tibs (a well-seasoned mixture of meat chunks, onions, and tomatoes) came out. We were sitting amongst a generous Wednesday-evening crowd (that’s how you know a place is good) on the lovely outdoor patio that had been seemingly erected around a sinewy little tree. We were outside but it felt like we were inside as well, especially as the rain began to fall around us; we stayed dry by way of a well-placed table umbrella.*

We used the spongy injera, yeasty bread with the texture and weight of a pancake, to scoop up our spicy lentil side dish along with the meat. No forks required! They even had a sink outside to wash our hands without having to look for the bathroom.

Ethiopian food: injera
They look like warm hand towels but the pieces of injera were actually an essential part of our forkless meal
Eating ethiopian food with her hands
Christie giving her lamb tibs a taste.
Eating Ethiopian food at Desta
Christie, Sarah, and Caroline staying dry during the downpour

I didn’t even mind crawling home at 20 miles an hour in the monsoon because my tummy was so happy. The best part? I have leftovers for tomorrow 🙂

An exotic eating binge might be in order. Watch out, Buford Highway – you’re next!

*Okay: who says there’s no rainy season in Atlanta? This is it, you guys. We’re in it.

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  1. Yes, I love Ethiopian food, and there are a lot of good places where I live in DC! You’re absolutely right that the injira looks like hand towels! What a fun meal eating spicy food in the rain!

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