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Suburban Summer Part 5

This post is the fifth installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 4 can be found here.

I wanted to give fashion blogging a go for this post.

Not that I’m especially fashionable because, well, I’m not, but just to see what caught my eye. I thought the Midsummer Music Festival would be a prime event for such a quest but it turned out that the heat and the hippies provided no more than slim pickings. I will say the whole thing afforded me a deeper appreciation for The Sartorialist – a world-renowned fashion blogger who manages to capture stunning photo after stunning photo of unique and interesting street fashion. It’s such a challenge to get a nice photo when you just run up to a stranger in the middle of the street (or, in my case, the middle of a festival). Granted, I have neither the photography skills nor fancy equipment that Scott Schuman boasts, but it’s the extemporaneous nature of the act that makes it difficult. Anyways, with that, here’s what I came up with:

Fashion blogging
There were a lot of hats at the festival but this one really stood out.

Fashion blogging

Fashion blogging: hair
She had great hair and I don’t even think she styled it. Just natural and big.

Fashion blogging: hair

Fashion blogging

Fashion blogging: kids
I guess this is what happens when you let little kids dress themselves. But how wonderful is that blue tights/orange dress combo? I love how the girl on the right is mixing two different plaid prints AND rocking furry boots in the middle of June.
Fashion blogging: hair
Such a nice addition to an otherwise-uneventful bun.

Fashion blogging

Fashion blogging: male
It was a real challenge to find any well-dressed men at the festival. He qualified for his use of accessories (mostly I was into his shoes. And the puppy).

Fashion blogging: shoes

Fashion blogging
Cute pigtails and crazy layering.
Fashion blogging: primary colors
Love her use of primary colors and that awesome crop top.
Fashion blogging: shoes
Last but not least, Daveo’s spiffy dress shoes.


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  1. You got some awesome shots! I once did a story on a local arts fair and had to get people photos. It felt so awkward to request them! But you made some great choices! It’s also fun to see fashion inspiration that’s not so staged like so many fashion blogs!

    • mishvo says:

      Thanks, Mary! Yeah – it took a few minutes before I worked up the courage to approach random people but they were flattered and it ended up being a really positive experience.

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