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Is Phu Quoc a Good Place to Live As a Digital Nomad?

Foot selfie at the beach in Phu Quoc

Ah, Vietnam. This popular backpacker destination has become a popular digital nomad destination in recent years. Spots like Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi already have digital nomad communities and infrastructure. But we love #islandlife and became curious about Phu Quoc as a digital nomad destination. So we stayed on the island for about two …

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I tried virtual coworking and this was what it was like

Girl and laptop in outdoor cafe

As more and more people convert to the work-from-home lifestyle and potentially plan their transition into digital nomadism, we are all looking for ways to connect with likeminded people. (And this during a time when it’s pretty hard to connect with anyone at all!) This past week, I took part in a virtual coworking retreat …

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I Changed My Mind. I Decided to Stay on Koh Tao.

Looking out at the sea at Laem Thian in Koh Tao

“To truly appreciate something, you must confine yourself to it. There’s a certain level of joy and meaning that you reach in life only when you’ve spent decades investing in a single relationship, a single craft, a single career. And you cannot achieve those decades of investment without rejecting the alternatives.” Mark Manson, The Subtle …

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What to Pack for ANY Trip: My Most-used Travel Items

Foot selfie on the beach in Railay, Thailand

No matter where I go in the world, I tend to bring along some of the same items in my backpack. When it comes to packing, especially for long-term travel across continents, my packing philosophy is to bring things that… Are useful in multiple climates and types of environments Have more than one use (e.g. …

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Is Koh Tao a Good Place to Live as a Digital Nomad?

Working online from cafes while living in Koh Tao

Koh Tao was my very first stop when I left the States to embark on the digital nomad lifestyle. I chose the island because I had visited it before and the energy there resonated with me. I liked the idea of moving somewhere I was already familiar with as my first experiment in this alternative …

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