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An Impermanent State of Dumplings

After the welcome sessions yesterday, I grabbed lunch with two girls who happened to be sitting near me in the auditorium. Verena from Germany and Mette from Denmark are both here to do postgraduate work for the semester. They have that European angular, fresh-faced beauty.  We mainly talked about the differences between Danish/German/American/Australian cultures. Verena …

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In the Beginning

When I got off the plane yesterday I had to go through customs then gather my bags onto a luggage cart and go through “quarantine” because I had packed medications. It sounded quite serious but thankfully they just xrayed my bags once more and sent me through to the lobby of the airport. I scanned …

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My “Road to Success”

It’s so soon!! ahajksdhjfhsdjkhfsdjkhfjh! As if the Indian buffet weren’t enough to induce high spirits, Dave and I discussed our respective study abroad trips over lunch today, leaving us both giggling with excitement. He’s going to Argentina and I’m madly jealous. I suppose I’ll add it to the list of places I want to go.  Or …

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