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7 Unbelievably Delicious Buford Highway Restaurants

Pho Dai Loi's pho tai chin soup on Buford Highway

Visitors and new Atlantans alike may be surprised to find that Atlanta has some of the best exotic eating around. Buford Highway is known as the center of international food culture in Atlanta – and for good reason: the arterial is lined with hundreds of authentic and budget-friendly Asian and Latin American restaurants. Whether it’s your …

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A Very Gluttonous Holiday to You Too

My appetite is back in full-force. Europe has helped me recapture the joy of eating and it’s been so much fun! In my last couple of months in Thailand, I had grown so sick of the food that eating became a chore. I think I lost a lot of weight, subsisting on yogurt and cereal …

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Thai Food: Stuff That’s Not So Awesome

Like any cuisine, Thai food can be fresh and delicious or rancid, soggy, or otherwise inedibly gross. Thai food has a wonderful reputation around the world – and I’m not trying to spoil that! – I’m only reporting on the cold, hard truth: I’ve had some experiences with Thai food that have been not so …

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Thai Food: Stuff That’s Awesome

The prospect of writing anything about Thai food leaves me hopelessly overwhelmed. I’ve been staring at this draft for days months now (I literally started it on 18 July 2012) wondering what direction to go in – how could I write about Thai food in an organized, accessible way? I don’t have much confidence that I …

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Suburban Summer Part 4

This post is the fourth installment of a multi-part series about suburban Atlanta life in the summertime. Part 3 can be found here. The question is: Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Because it’s delicious. We traveled inside the Perimeter (I know, I know, we’re not in suburbia anymore) to eat at Desta. The largely transliterated Amharic …

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Chaos before Cairns

Thursday night we played drinking games at Shrey’s. Perhaps you will be unsurprised to learn that most drinking games and their red solo cup counterparts are decidedly American inventions. I think [Italian] Rebecca and [Aussie] Tim enjoyed their first Circle of Death experience. Everyone was quite tickled by Richard’s continuous shoe compliments – “Those are …

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