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Our Failed Trip to India feat. JSernik

Well. This has been a weird trip so far. I’m staring up at the ceiling fan. It’s furiously spinning like a turbine engine and I’m wondering, not for the first time since arriving in India, if it’s going to crash down and decapitate me. India feels like a place in which you would be decapitated …

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A Preschool Teacher’s Tale

Theng-Ning ran over to me with vomit dribbling down his chin. It was nearing the end of my hour-long class and the rest of the students were still quietly coloring away on their worksheets. Poor little guy; it’s hard to keep track of your bodily needs when you’re three years old. I wasn’t surprised by …

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Why Did the Crab Cross the Road?

This week was exam week so I spent all of what is usually “teaching time” proctoring exams and grading 500 papers. (FUN!) Just at a time when I could sorta kinda relax from teaching a bit, sickness has befallen me. I’m sick with something. Something that’s absolutely ravaging my digestive system (as promised!) and had …

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Reading week plus the two weeks of exam period here at Sydney Uni are, in true Aussie-lingo fashion, referred to as “Stuvac”, short for “study vacation”. Funny to me that they would even try to associate these two words together because they connote two completely opposite mentalities. As a first-hand witness of StuVac in action, …

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In the Face of a Sinus Headache

Today was good despite my throbbing head. I took some of Lison’s French Doliprane, so hopefully I will be put out of my misery by the time I finish writing this post. I did my “trial” at Clipper Cafe today. Went in around 10:30 and stayed til 3, and I’m supposed to go back to …

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