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What Now? Part II

You may or may not have heard the news: MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO THAILAND. Mind. Blown. I know it may sound totally normal and not weird at all but considering my parents’ past vacation/international travel experiences (of which they have had very few in the last 20-something years) this is a big deal. I …

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Athens, You’re Breaking My Heart

I thought I could just slip out the door unfazed and unnoticed but you called to me…You told me to come back even after I thought we’d said goodbye. I thought I was done with you a month ago – nay, TWO months ago – but you reached for me and promised me you would …

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You guys! I’m so excited to be back on the blog (as they say?)!! If you remember Wallaby Way from 2010 you will probably notice a few changes: Obviously the title was no longer relevant since I definitely won’t be blogging from Sydney this time…Plus I switched out the photo banner and brought my “about …

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