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All Work and All Play

School has been very…hands-on so far. On my second day, we dissected locusts in bio lab. I don’t know if you’ve seen a locust lately but these aren’t small insects. They are giant, swarming grasshoppers, each individual maybe the length of my longest finger. Everyone else in lab acted like this was totally normal – …

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Orientation Pt 1

Bondi was breathtaking. Jordan and his friend Josh picked me up from McDonalds, where I had been video skyping with none other than Morgan Capps, and drove me to Bondi. I’m going to go ahead and say that it was less thrilling and more frightening to be a passenger in a car on the wrong …

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In the Beginning

When I got off the plane yesterday I had to go through customs then gather my bags onto a luggage cart and go through “quarantine” because I had packed medications. It sounded quite serious but thankfully they just xrayed my bags once more and sent me through to the lobby of the airport. I scanned …

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