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A Preschool Teacher’s Tale

Theng-Ning ran over to me with vomit dribbling down his chin. It was nearing the end of my hour-long class and the rest of the students were still quietly coloring away on their worksheets. Poor little guy; it’s hard to keep track of your bodily needs when you’re three years old. I wasn’t surprised by …

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Why I’m Going to Miss Teaching Grade 5

The craziest thing is that my time teaching grade 5 is over. Last Friday was my last day of class with my homeroom English Program (EP)* kids and all this week I proctored testing sessions for a different grade 5 EP class and graded over 500 exams. No joke. I’ve been battling these intense waves …

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Why Did the Crab Cross the Road?

This week was exam week so I spent all of what is usually “teaching time” proctoring exams and grading 500 papers. (FUN!) Just at a time when I could sorta kinda relax from teaching a bit, sickness has befallen me. I’m sick with something. Something that’s absolutely ravaging my digestive system (as promised!) and had …

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Small Elephant, Big News

I saw an elephant on my way to school today. Pat and her assistant, Aang, were driving me to school to meet with some people, sign some things, and become employed. The elephant was small and being led through the streets by its owner – a practice that is illegal these days, Pat told me. …

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