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I taught ten classes of Kindergarten 1 (3-4 years old) English at a private school in Nonthaburi, Thailand. My students were adorable, fun, and only mildly exhausting, especially compared to the 6 classes of Grade 5 English I used to teach before I was moved to preschool.

As a good friend once said, “there’s no better way to appreciate cultural differences while seeing how humans are ultimately all the same than teaching in a foreign country.”

I secured my position through a recruiter after signing up for American TESOL Institute’s Special Thai Project. I want to devote this section of my blog to those who may be considering teaching English abroad, and specifically doing so in Thailand.

Step 1: Deciding Where You Want to Teach

Step 2: Deciding How You Want to Teach

Step 3: To TEFL or Not to TEFL?

Teaching in Thailand FAQS

Living in Thailand FAQS

Teaching English in Thailand: With some of my grade 5 students
With some of my grade 5 students


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