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Step 2: Deciding How You Want to Teach

There are so many ways! I would start by looking into…

Fulbright’s English Teaching Assistantship
Peace Corps
Princeton in Asia/Africa/Latin America

All three are very competitive and you won’t have full control over your placement location but you will have your expenses covered and the prestigious program names to put on your resume. I would definitely apply even if you’re not feeling sure about them – it’s better to have options when it’s decision time.

There are also big package deal programs like Language Corps and CIEE. You pay them a lot of money and they arrange everything for you. I don’t know much about these programs but it might be worth it to look into them, especially if money isn’t an issue.

But generally, the best way to get a teaching job is to research the individual country you’re interested in to find out whether you should try to arrange a position beforehand, or apply once you get there. I know the latter strategy sounds scary but it tends to be the best way to get a well-paying job that you will enjoy because you hand-picked it. It’s certainly the best way to get a job in Thailand.

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