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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

geometry in buildings

I’ve been living in Bangkok for almost four months now.

The passage of time is completely imperceptible, what with the near lack of seasonal weather patterns and the consistency of my job…The rhythm of the workweek keeps me marching forward without any signs that six months – half a year – has passed since I graduated from college. Crazy.

Only small things – the slight shift in the weather from the rainy season to a significantly drier yet still sunny and hot “winter” season; the growth of my hair; the construction and deconstruction on my soi – indicate that time is still in fact moving forward. I used to walk by this wall twice a day on my way to and from work. It has now been reduced to a pile of rubble. I watched them deconstruct it over the past few weeks, although it felt like mere days ago that the building was still standing and operating as a latenight dining/dancing venue…

I was inspired to make this photo black and white after perusing my coworker, Jeremy’s, photography website, which you should check out here.


    • mishvo says:

      Thanks, mom. Although I will say, Thais tend to live in the moment but not in a zenned out Buddhist way – in a frustrating why-would-you-not-consider-the-how-thats-going-to-affect-you-in-the-future sort of way….

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