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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

urban environment of Bangkok

I find the dirt and grime in Bangkok to be particularly photogenic so, as a result, I’ve accumulated an excess of photos featuring crowded, polluted Bangkok sois.

I decided to go with this photo, though, which was taken off the roof of Liz’s apartment building in a Bangkok suburb called Bang Khae. I was staying with her during the awkward in-between phase after our TEFL course and before I got my own apartment. She lives on the 8th floor of her building and I was itching to climb out onto the roof to snap some photos of the view. At the time, I thought I had the bird in focus but it’s more interesting this way, don’t you think?


  1. jeisenberg2 says:

    A bit reminiscent of Vietnam!
    I agree that the seemingly disheveled rooftop landscape of the area carries a particular charm. The photograph does a great job of capturing an indescribable atmosphere!

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