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At graduation with my parents

You guys! I’m so excited to be back on the blog (as they say?)!! If you remember Wallaby Way from 2010 you will probably notice a few changes: Obviously the title was no longer relevant since I definitely won’t be blogging from Sydney this time…Plus I switched out the photo banner and brought my “about me” section up to date. The Category Cloud is new too – I figured it might be helpful for navigational purposes – and I added the Twitter updates on the side menu as well.

Me, lately

Entering this strange, vacuous place in between graduation and “the real world” was not so much a sudden loss as it was a slow, disintegration of responsibilities. My non-traditional final semester left me with projects that never really culminated (as things often do during finals week) but rather ended successively: first went tennis, then chorus, then monkey lab, then Bag the Bag, then my public health class…then went my friends and soon my job and my apartment will be gone too.

I’ve been overcome by ennui. Life is slow, Athens is empty and sad, and my brain is atrophying.

What now?

The short answer is that I’m going to Thailand for a while to teach English. I don’t have the long answer yet because in a lot of ways, I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never been to Asia before and I’ve definitely never lived in a place where I don’t speak the prevailing language. It’s sure to be an adventure (I’ve been promised at least one bout of explosive diarrhea) and I have a few new ideas about how I want to document it this time.

With my Athens friends before graduation
Gonna miss these guys so much:(

So, for now, I am trying to keep my sinking brain afloat by studying for the GRE, while spending my last moments, however bittersweet, with my friends. Apparently my immune system has completely given up on me (I would have given up on me too after all the requisite graduation-themed partying and equally requisite graduation-themed stressing out) so I’m battling some upper-respiratory issues plus a gratuitous eye infection…

These are weird times, my friends.


  1. Lena Smith says:

    2 things –
    1. spare us the juicy details of the explosive diarrhea (pun definitely intended)
    2. what city will you be in?
    2.5. i want to go.

    • mishvo says:

      1. hahahaha maybe, maybe not
      2. i know i will be in bangkok for the TEFL certification course and i should be placed in or around bangkok for the teaching position too but i’m not positive
      2.5 YOU SHOULD. come visit me 🙂

  2. Kim Vogel says:

    Thanks for including us but…can we photoshop my hair? Gah.
    Can’t wait to hear the upcoming adventures!

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